Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coming Soon

Craig Adams came to Pittsburgh at the right time. Right when the team was on the up and up from a long losing streak. A new coach, some new faces and a new attitude, Craig felt right at home. Home with the team that is.

Instant regret hit him when he moved into a duplex next door to Madison Johnson. A best selling author, with such bad OCD tendencies, Craig found himself picking up her habits in the locker room just from brief meetings in the driveway.

After Craig throws a party at his house, all claws are out. Madison isn’t happy, and Craig could only hope that she just keeps her mouth shut and allow him to enjoy his whiskey in peace. He physically works his ass off day in and day out, and she sits there and types away; the man should be able to enjoy a drink in silence.


  1. oweifvnoqiaivnqoerignavnaiopgfnqpibn.

    I'm sorry for that.

    Dear lord Jesus Christ, I'm fucking excited.

  2. With all of the Craig Adams talk going on in my house these last few days.... I just couldn't help but start this. HAHA. It's gonna be a no BS story, I'll tell you that right now. No drama, just pure bad assness. haha.

  3. 1.) I'm steeped in drama right now, so I'm all about "no drama."

    2.) I could definitely use more bad assness.


    I fersure almost peed myself when I read that. You have no idea. Okay, maybe now you do. That man has a piece of my heart for some unknown reason.

    I'm. ridiculously. excited.

  4. Craig is married. With children.

    Which makes this story that much more exciting. :) Can't wait, Kristina!!