Sunday, May 9, 2010


“You slept with her again?” Talbot shouted from behind me in the locker room. My eyes grew wide and he began laughing, “your back is all scratched up.” I looked over my shoulder to try and get a view of my back, but I failed miserably.

“Is it really that bad?” I asked him just as Billy walked into the room.

“Holy. Shit. Addsy, not to sound like I check out your body or anything, but what the hell is wrong with your back?”

I turned to Billy and just as I opened my mouth, Max answered for me. “He slept with his neighbor again!”

“Well you said she was a freak right? I guess you deserve that. Hopefully those don’t scar,” Billy laughed taking a seat at his locker.

“Is it honestly that bad? I can’t remember her digging her nails in that hard.” Talbot walked up to me and took a closer look.

“Scabs. Tiny little scabs. Tiny fresh little scabs. You dirty whore.”

“Scabs? Really?! She broke skin?!” I asked shocked now heading for the bathroom to try and look in the mirror. I found a hand mirror on the sink and held it up, looking in it over my shoulder. Sure enough, all over my back, bright red lines. It almost looked like war paint. I thought about our long romp in my bedroom earlier in the day and smiled.

“Oh fuck.”

I lowered the mirror and looked at Billy questioningly. “I know that smile.” My eyebrows pinched together at his words, clearly confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re falling for her.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. He really had no idea what she was like. Well, what she was like outside of the bedroom. It was a pure Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show. “Falling for her? She scares the crap out of me!”

“Then why are you sleeping with her!?”

“You saw her! She’s a knock out! Plus she’s an animal in the bed. It’s outside of bed though she’s sketchy. She’s a writer. I guess the only way I can describe it, is if she played hockey, she’d be a goalie. Her mindset is questionable just like Flowers.”

“What about me?” Flower asked as he walked into the bathroom.

“Addsy and I were just making plans for dinner with his neighbor. He was telling me her personality is similar to yours,” Billy explained not tearing his eyes away from mine.

“You found a female version of me? I highly doubt that,” Flower laughed as I watched him place his toothbrush and toothpaste down on the counter, parallel to each other. It wasn’t until I met Madison that I began picking up on tiny habits the guys had. Flower’s got the OCD fever, it’s just not magnified like Madison's.

“No, you could be twins.” I nod before leaving the bathroom, Billy hot on my trails.

“Dinner, you, me, and boobs. Tomorrow night. You pick the location.”

“That’ll be impossible. How am I supposed to get her to-“

“Use your fingers! Fuck Addsy, do I need to give you step-by-step instructions?”

I paced around my bedroom trying to figure out how to exactly ask Madison to dinner. I didn’t want her to think I was interested in her more than just sex, but then again, if I was, Billy wouldn’t be at dinner. I knew she was on her balcony because I could smell the strawberry smoke drift in through the slider door. I walked into my bathroom and checked out my game day suit one last time before taking a deep breath and heading toward the balcony.

“Hey Madison, my boyfriend, I mean friend, the friend you thought was my boyfriend . . . anyways, he wants to treat us to dinner tomorrow night. So that’d be great if you could come. I mean the invitation is more for you than me, but I’m gonna go, cause, I want . . . to? Anyways, you can pick where you want to go. If you want to eat in that’s cool, or we can just head down to Station Square. Whatever. Ball’s in your court.”

She eyed me curiously, and I stood there without a damn clue as to what just left my mouth. It came out in a jumbled mess.

“What’s with the suit?”

“I have a game tonight. Do you want to come?”

“No. I was just curious.”

“So dinner. Tomorrow night?”

“I guess.”

“Okay, well then. I guess I’ll check with you in the morning about what we can do?”

“I guess.”

“Alright then. Have a good night.”

“Thanks. Don’t get killed.”

“I . . . never . . . what?”

“Hockey. It looks dangerous. Don’t get killed.”

I nodded my head and walked back into my bedroom. Don’t get killed. Was that her way of saying that she wants me? I wonder how good she is at blowjobs? There goes my mind again, jumping from one thing to the gutter. It’s been doing that a lot since her breasts came into contact with my face.

I locked up the house and headed down to my truck where I prepared myself for the drive to the Mellon. The season was coming to an end, which also meant my thirty-second birthday was just around the corner. Thirty-two. Seems like I should have a few kids by now. Oh fuck it. Having kids with my profession wouldn’t be easy. I can always wait until I retire. People are having kids later in life now-a-days anyways.

Then I began to think about her. What she would be like as a mother. Those poor children. They probably wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house. My phone rang pulling me out of my thoughts and I answered, switching it to speaker phone.

“How are things Craig?”

“Good Anthony. What’s up?”

“Just checking in. Making sure you’re staying out of trouble.”

“Of course I am. I haven’t made any headline news have I?”

“I meant with your neighbor.”


I heard him laugh on the other end and I felt sweat begin to build up on the back of my neck. My checks and ears were burning. “Stacy just got off the phone with Madison. You’re sleeping with her?”


“Are you finally thinking about settling down? I’ve been trying to get you to do that for years now.”

I began to laugh uncontrollably. Settle down? Settle down with Madison?! He was fucking out of his mind. “No. Definitely not. She drives me crazy.”

“Then why are you sleeping with her?”

“Why not?”

“Whatever. Have a good game.”

“Oh wait, Anthony one more thing. What’s her last name?” I pulled a pen out of the center counsel as I waited at a red light.


I wrote the name down on my hand. “Madison Johnson. That’s kind of boring.”

“So is the name Craig Adams. What do you want her last name for?”

“I want to check out some of her books. She wants going on there.”

“Then you want her pen name. Sydney Riley.”

“Sidney? Really?” I began to laugh again. I wasn’t exactly sure why that was so funny, but it was. I ended my conversation with Anthony just as I crossed the bridge into downtown.

Waving to the fans as I walked towards the Mellon, I was greeted by a very anxious Billy Guerin. “Dinner with your girlfriend tomorrow night?” He raised his eyebrows, a toothless grin on his face. I opened the door and didn’t even bother holding it open for him. If he was going to play this game, I was just going to take the high road and ignore him.

“Come on Addsy, do we have dinner plans or not?”

“Yes we have dinner plans. She’ll let me know in the morning what she wants to do.”

I waited for the crude comment. The joke. The punch line, but he just nodded his head and we walked into the locker room together. As I shrugged my suit jacket off, I could feel eyes on the back of my head. I turned around and saw Billy starring at me.

“Addsy’s got a new lady friend, and I am joining them for dinner tomorrow night. I will be giving everyone a full report card on her on our flight to Boston the next morning.”

“What the fuck Guerin?”

“Stop denying what we all know is true. You fell in love with the vag.”


  1. Hahahaha...
    Oh lord.

    I just about peed my pants in excitement over the new chapter! I couldn't wait. And I wasn't let down*

    "I guess the only way I can describe it, is if she played hockey, she’d be a goalie. Her mindset is questionable just like Flowers.” -- ROFL! Poor Flower*

    The jumbled mess that was meant to be him asking her to dinner... I loved it. It was hilarious to have him all worked up over asking her out. And then she told him not to get killed... I wanted to seriously tweet it... liked it that much!

    I chuckled at the fact tht her Pen name was Sydney to, for no real reason other than Sidney/Sydney and for some unknown reason it IS amusing...

    Billy G makes this story even more hilarious, and I didn't know if it was possible... but he does!!!!

    So in love with this story*

  2. Bahahahaha. I love me some Billy G. What a man.

    I'm still really intrigued by this story because the characters are just so different from what you normally read on here. I'm very curious to see where their relationship goes from here!

    Awesome job with your update :)

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  3. Have you ever noticed how some players look bad with play off beards, some look okay, Craig looks even hotter with his! Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest.

    Loved the whole thing but favorites:
    “Falling for her? She scares the crap out of me!”

    “Dinner, you, me, and boobs. Tomorrow night. You pick the location.”
    “That’ll be impossible. How am I supposed to get her to-“
    “Use your fingers! Fuck Addsy, do I need to give you step-by-step instructions?”

    More please!

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    I'm so excited for the dinner. I feel like some crazy shenanigans are gonna ensue. And I also feel like Billy will say whatever's on his mind which could be good or bad :P

    “Stop denying what we all know is true. You fell in love with the vag.”
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    Anyway... this story is amazing. I'm not sure who I love more... Addsy, Billy G or Madison... they're all fantastic!

    "She’s a writer. I guess the only way I can describe it, is if she played hockey, she’d be a goalie. Her mindset is questionable just like Flowers.”
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